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Present on Site:
Transforming Exhibitions and

Present on Site
The cover of the paperback.
Ingemann, Bruno (2012): Present on Site. Transforming Exhibitions and Museums, Lejre: Visual Memory Press. 398 pages, 147 illustration, printed in colour.

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Present on Site: Transforming Exhibitions and Museums
The entire paperback text is available here online, thus allowing you to take immediate advantage of the videos, slideshows, photographs and sound. What’s more, there are links to lead you directly to all the additional material.

The online version, however, does not capture the book’s beautiful layout, which emphasizes the close relation between the words and pictures. Nor does it have an index, which is only available in the paperback edition. Please feel free to download the entire book as a PDF file.


Intro: Why objects, showcases, exhibitions and museum are so important

Part One

Theme: Constructions – The visitor at an exhibition

Chapter 2: The safe Harbour – How an exhibition constructs the user
Chapter 3: The human aspect in Ancient times
Chapter 4: The hidden exhibition – The new prehistory exhibition at the National Museum in Copenhagen
Chapter 5: Mise-en-scène – One artist constructing himself retrospectively into the future
Chapter 6: The forced gazes: Home, shop, museum and IKEA

Theme: Questions - Experience and learning processe

Chapter 8: Museums are good to think with
Chapter 9: Person-in-situation (1) – Experience and strategy
Chapter 10: Person-in-situation (2) – Experience and questioning
Chapter 11: Person-in-situation (3) – Experience and interaction
Chapter 12: What is the question? Creating a learning environment in the exhibition
Chapter 13: Speaking places, places speaking – A transvisual analysis of a site

Part Two

Theme: Invisibles - The exhibition design process

Chapter 15: Provoked dialogue as reflection-in-action in designing an exhibition
Chapter 16: THE JOURNEY - Design between creativity and organisation
Chapter 17: Journey of the soul – From designer to media artist
Chapter 18: Drifting sand – The poetic interpretation and the process of construction. Preparing for unexpected gifts

Theme: Openings – Category, objects and communication

Chapter 20: Museum: The three monkeys – A fluid category
Chapter 21: Object images and material culture – The construction of authenticity and meaning
Chapter 22: Ten Thesis on museum in society
Chapter 23: Non-art and self creation in the art gallery
Chapter 24: Ten dilemmas professionals face